November 27, 2015

chloe faye blogger

A quick hello from the Hansestadt. As foreseen it is overly cold up in here and the wind which is blowing right now seems to freeze my entire face and hands. Being tired from driving all night long sure doesn’t help to fight the cold, so I better just go and take a quick nap before going to work out with the boys. It’s going to be fun to the extend that I will probably have muscle aches everywhere by tomorrow. I’ll keep you updated haha.  Continue Reading…



November 26, 2015
lookbookstore jacket

The weekend is slowly getting closer and this makes me overly excited. Not only because of the fantastic deals that are, and will, be happening on Saturday and Sunday, but it’s also time to pack the bags for a little getaway. We’ll be leaving in the early Friday morning hours for Hamburg to visit the city again and assist to the Mr and Mrs Universe competition. Last year was so thrilling and fun, and I’m confident that this time will be no different. We’ve got quite a few team-mates that will be on stage and I’m crossing my fingers for all of them, so good luck guys! Continue Reading…

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November 25, 2015
BeFunky Collage

‘Tis the season to spend money fa la la la. Classic and seasonal essentials are on sale this weekend, and, to make sure you’re not missing out on getting some early Christmas pressies for your loved ones, I collected the best deals for you guys.

So let’s go for this year’s best Black Friday, 27.11 and Cyber Monday, 30.11, deals and don’t forget to check back regularly for updates. Continue Reading…



November 24, 2015
balmain h&m blogger

My second and last score from the Balmain x H&M collaboration is this high-neck body-con dress in a bold red shade. Unnoticed at first, it sneaked to the top of my wishlist after I got sight of it on various, inspiring, social media platforms. Next to dazzling sequin dresses and pearl embellished blazers, even an eye-catcher like this one gets left behind sometimes. And maybe that’s why I was able to get my hands on this piece: because the eyes of everyone around me were set on the shiny things. Lucky girl. Continue Reading…



November 23, 2015

A week later and this outfit is finally online . A raw-edge oversized camel coat (on sale here!) from Lookbookstore mixed with a few all-rounders seems like a good way to kick of this week that greeted us with cold temperatures and an even colder wind. Huge outerwear, that allows me to wrap myself in, is definitely a big thing for me this season and thanks to the kindness of one of our local stores, I could already stock up on another tan-colored coat that I’ll be revealing soon. Continue Reading…



November 17, 2015
camel coat lookbookstore

Good morning world. Since the week has started with dreadfully awful weather and I didn’t got to shoot my expected looks for the week, because I’ve been soooo busy, I’ll have a little preview of what’s up soon for you. Oversized camel coat and that Faye bag, need I say more? Continue Reading…

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November 15, 2015

Still sad you missed the most-sought after blazer there ever was? Then I’ve got news for you, good news to be precise. While browsing for a dress I could wear to a December wedding, this one from Bebe fell into my lap and it immediately reminded of the beaded jacket from the Balmain x H&M collection. Shiny sequins, white floral details, detailed bead-work and delicate crystals make this glamourous dress a real head-turner for the festive season and beyond.

Continue Reading…



November 13, 2015

T.G.I.F.! And, after editing today’s photos, T.G. as well that there’s an appointment at the hairdresser on Saturday. I had this genius (sarcasm off) idea to color the bottom of my hair lighter to give it a more voluminous look, but, obviously, it didn’t turn out the way I imagined it, so one round of back to normal please. After a few trials, I can declare with confidence that hair experiments simply don’t work for me and sticking to my usual chocolate brown might be the best and cheapest idea. Continue Reading…



November 11, 2015
sequin sneakers blogger

Slowly but steadily my festive holiday season spirit dawns and urges me to intersperse some glint and glitter to my wardrobe. In front of my office the set up for the annual winter market has begun and everywhere I look, I can see early Christmas lights glimmer and find temptations in the most delicious foods stores have on offer. It’s for a sure a fun thing that I’m talking all things Christmassy while sharing a bare-legged look today. November, after all, has been spoiling us with a mild 20 degrees, so why not benefit from these inappropriate temperatures to leave the home without thick tights? Continue Reading…