March 4, 2015
fails outtakes blogger valentino saint laurent

You guys obviously liked the messy hair, stupid posing, weird faces-article a lot, so here we go for another round of outtakes from my latest outfit shoots. I have the best time selecting the most bizarre photos to share them on the blog. It’s even more fun than actually selecting the ”good” ones and I think I’ll make this a monthly one. Continue Reading…

The Edit


March 3, 2015
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I’m obsessed with cute gym-wear, well, just as obsessed as I am with shoes and bags and, yeah , the list of stuff that I like is endless. If you know me then you’re well aware that I’m more of a love than hate-person ,so I can’t really sympathize and relate with people that are constantly nagging and bashing around. Being all ,,meeh don’t like this,don’t like that” is really not the way to go if you ask me. So instead of being negative , how about focusing on the things that brighten up your life? Continue Reading…



March 2, 2015
outfit recap february outfits looks chanel ysl saint laurent bag blogger

Hey folks,

I know I’m a bit late on this one because March is already on, but after my small blogging break I still wanted to give you a recap on my outfits from the past month. The reason for my absence? Nope,no vacation unfortunately, but simply plain fatigue and a huge lack of motivation.  It even got to that point where I just wanted to shut down my blog completely and forget about it entirely. Lucky for me I have a supporting boyfriend and a motivational sister that kept me from taking this step and gave me the idea to just take a week off the blog and see how I feel about it. Continue Reading…



February 23, 2015
faux fur guess blogger jacket outfit ootd

Just dropping in a super quick hello on this Monday that came with snow, brought some sun and ended with a thunderstorm. All in one, what a kick start to this new week. But what can I say?I’m already in need of weekend again, because I’m so sleepy after this very busy day that I want to snooze all day long. Is it noticeable in the photos? I think so;) Continue Reading…



February 21, 2015
inspiration new york fashion week mercedes benz blogger streetstyle 2015 favorites

Today’s inspiration will be all about the heavenly New York Fashion Week that I followed from the start til the end. I was so lucky as to attend it last season, and came home with so much inspiration and impressions that I dreamed about it almost every night for at least two months, it just felt so unreal to have been there, watching the shows, strolling through the streets, watching the fashion circus in front of Lincoln Center and going to super fun events and meet wonderful people. Continue Reading…



February 18, 2015
chanel bag draped jacket cardigan zara hat fedora outfit blogger

Second look in a row with that awesome Fedora hat and this beautiful leather paneled, draped beige cardigan that I don’t want to take off anymore as well. Same thing happens to my sister, since she got it too and it was only yesterday that we wore the exact same outfit : black boots,black skinny pants, beige cardigan, tank underneath. If a look works,it works,simple as that. Continue Reading…



February 15, 2015
isabel marant boots aleen wrap leather saint laurent tassle bag cassandra croc

After almost giving up on the idea of finding the perfect Fedora before summer, this burgundy-black ombre hat literally fell into my lap, while my sister was trying on some shoes at the high-street darling Zara. It’s fit is super nice and the fading black-red color adds such a nice edge to it, even if this one is not very noticeable in today’s pictures.

Continue Reading…