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March 31, 2015
blogger river island leather jacket larsson adidas extaball trefoil shirt

I would seriously adore to wear all of this to the moon an back,from head to toe, from the sunnies to the sneakers. Basics in black and white with a pair of ripped denim always make up for a casual, but still edgy outfit with the special nice-girl touch.  Ideas like these make me wish that I could wear sneakers to work (I know I’m repeating myself) not only because they’re way more comfortable than boots and heels and flats, but they also seem to be so easy to combine these days. But maybe that also due to my awakened crush for them. Well,who else would love to rock a pair of kicks to work? Continue Reading…



March 30, 2015
canon lens photography 300mm 50 f14

Hello folks. I’ve been quite absent the past days due to our travel to Colmar in France. With only 3 hours of sleep and a very long day, I just didn’t feel like blogging at 2am in the morning. Even more because we missed an hour with the switch to summer time and I seriously wonder who had this bright idea to change the clocks at 2am in the morning on a weekend? Personally I think that Friday 3pm would be a way better time, wouldn’t it?;) So to start off this week : here’s what’s been going on in front of my Canon Eos600D and the 50mm 1.4 as well as the wide angle lens. Continue Reading…



March 25, 2015
adidas superstar blogger outfit inspiration sizing

When these kicks arrived at my doorstep it suddenly felt like I was thirteen again, because, as I told you, that was the last time I had Adidas shoes on my feet. Somehow I love to look back at that time in my life, because it was plain wonderful and so much fun. No worries, no stress, just loads and loads of lighthearted times. We used to spend entire summers hanging around an open-air swimming pool with my gym-friends and all we did was tanning, talking and, of course, having fun in the water. Now that I’m all grown-up and full-time working ,summers are not that entertaining anymore, but I’m still trying to make the best out of them. Continue Reading…



March 20, 2015
adidas superstar sneaker inspiration outfits

It’s everywhere,and it has already been there : the Adidas Superstar sneaker. I remember it like it was yesterday when I was hunting them down, oh well, actually it was yesterday and around 14 years ago as well. At that time it was so in-style to wear the Superstar sneaker with some very,very thick blue or green or black laces that were pretty hard to come by as well. As I was only 13 years old at that time, my dad was driving me to every single sports and shoe store to find that pair of trainer in my size. Continue Reading…



March 16, 2015
isabel marant poppy pumps heels celine mini luggage dune blogger

Monday got me like pheeeew, so I’ll make this a quick one as I can already hear the bed wisper my name. When waking up this morning and while reading through the comments yesterday’s article received, I immediately had a smile on my face. I’m so happy that many of you now have a few new apps on their phone that you didn’t know before. Believe me you will totally adore them once you took the time to edit some pictures with these fancy tools.

Continue Reading…



March 15, 2015

I’m a phone-oholic to the fullest. Even my boyfriend states that I’m a bit obsessed with my phone and sometimes I feel a tad guilty for spending so much time on it but then I remember that it is probably in the bag of being a blogger. So first thing I do in the morning, after hitting the snooze button around five times, is checking my e-mails and my social media accounts. This ceremony takes around 15minutes…15 minutes that I could use a lot more wisely, for example to have my breakfast at home instead of at the office, but hey, it’s just part of my wake-up routine and I like it that way. Now that I’ve confessed my obsession for my phone I don’t want to hide these four apps that will brighten up your Instagram. Continue Reading…



March 14, 2015
zara flats pointed outfit blogger look

After the pumps, I dared to take out these black pointed flats from the current Zara collection, well aware that we’re only in the middle of March and well remembering my grand-ma’s saying  Don’t take a layer off unless there’s no more ”R” in the month’s name and that would mean May to be exact. Being the impatient person that I am, May seemed way too far away so I took the risk of catching a cold and wore them out on the first real sunny day of the year. Continue Reading…



March 11, 2015
gladiator sandals inspiration trend spring summer 2015

I can’t imagine the coming spring/summer without these: Gladiator sandals. Apart from the fringes and the usual white lace, they’re next season’s big thing and I love everything about them. They’ll make you feel like a stylish, greek goddess. From plain embellished leather to wrap-around suede, from flats to high heels, there’s a infinite multitude available to cater all tastes. Continue Reading…