January 31, 2015
january recap valentino bag chanel celine zara coat

As I’m well aware that not everyone has the time or wants to read blogs on a daily basis,  I decided to collect the looks from the past 4 weeks and make a little recap on the last day of each month. This allows you to stay updated on any missed post and for me it’s a nice way to review each and every look and write down several notes about what I would like to improve for the coming month. Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it? Continue Reading…



January 30, 2015

When it comes to saving money I claim myself to be quite an expert and many people in my surroundings have a already asked me about how they can get the item of desire for less. I rarely ever pay full retail price for designer pieces or more trendy items, and, as I’m quite a nice person I decided to share some tips with you. Continue Reading…



January 29, 2015
nails inspiration blogger matte almond inspo

Matte, in almond shape and maybe with a sprinkle of glitter, that’s what I want my nails to look like. I haven’t settled for a color yet but if it’s matte then I guess every shade is fine with me. Now I just have to find a nice spot where they don’t charge you a dime and where the work is still hygienic. After watching several documentaries I’ve became a lot more aware of the potential diseases your nails are able to catch if the beautician works with nasty, unclean materials. Continue Reading…



January 28, 2015

This black on black with a bit of blue outfit is the result of a major Pinterest session. I just love to turn to this platform for all kinds of inspiration and I recently discovered a wonderful black and white board for interior designs as well as some pretty and purse friendly statement pieces that will definitely make it to the spring wish list. Continue Reading…



January 27, 2015
chanel dior star foundation diorskin makeup beauty chanel

My daily superstars that simplify those early mornings where I barely look alive. Ever since I first got in contact with beauty products, and, I admit it, I was hoping on that train real late( around the age of 18) I’ve been mixing up my routine every now and then with very cheap drugstore articles and high end products. Right now it feels like I finally found the perfect goodies for my, luckily not sensitive, skin. Continue Reading…



January 26, 2015

Monday’s are for camel colored coats. At least that’s what I’ve been thinking this morning when the alarm clock made me jump out of bed. Alright, maybe it happened a little different: the alarm clock started ringing and after hitting the snooze button twice, I finally started to scuffle out of bed. Continue Reading…



January 24, 2015

After spending the afternoon at my sister’s coach, I feel a bit talky tonight and an outfit post wouldn’t be enough, so I wanted to share 10 private facts that you probably don’t know about me, unless you’re stalking me in real life, or you’re a computer hacker;) It would be so much fun if you guys left a fact about yourself in the comment section to make me get to know you better. Let’s go. Continue Reading…

The Edit


January 23, 2015
River island favorites spring collection dior earrings fedora nude heels blogger

It feels like my sickness is almost completely gone on this friday evening and I’m glad it does. I haven’t been that sick in ages and I seriously hope that it was the last time for the next twenty years. As you know I’ve been spending the past days at home trying to recover and while doing so I started to make this year’s spring-wishlist. Of course I didn’t let River Island out of the game, so here’s some current favorites. Continue Reading…



January 22, 2015

There’s times where I just don’t want to take that floppy hat off. Same goes for these suede over the knee boots from Nelly that look simply amazing with a frilled black skirt and a simple leather jacket. Continue Reading…