October 30, 2014

All the leaves are brown..and red..and yellow with some orange.
Dear,dear,how I love this time of year when the sun sneaks behind the colorful leaves, spoiling us with some more vitamin D before the dark and cloudy days hit upon us. I’m slowly starting to prepare for those days where mornings are all gloomy and evenings even more.

But being the type of positive person that I am, even if these days come with a bonus, as they’re metonymic with cuddling up in my OnePiece, watching endless episodes of my favorite shows and being absolutely lazy. And then there’s.also those days where you want nothing more than walking through a frosty forest, all wrapped up in the most warm scarves and gloves, breathing in the fresh, cold air until your nose and cheeks are all flushed. Isn’t this exciting in one way or another?

While the temperatures are still mild, sweaters and a floppy hat are enough to make me happy. And how wonderful is it to still wear heels in mid-October? I’ve confessed my love for boots way enough, but a pair of pointed high heels is whole different thing. There’s nothing more classy and elegant than black,sleeks heels in my humble opinion.

IMG_3466 IMG_3419 IMG_3467 IMG_3440 IMG_3417 IMG_3460 IMG_3398 IMG_3332

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