March 11, 2016
quay muse

According to a few super popular articles on Bloglovin I’m currently committing blog-suicide, because I’m lacking regular updates, daily outfits, showcasing the newest trends and being super engaging . But sometimes priorities just change and then you have to decide on what makes you feel the best. Since the beginning of the year and with the start of my contest-preparation, I find myself torn almost daily between ”Am I spending an hour or two on the laptop this evening” or ”Am I enjoying some time just for myself after a super exhausting day”. These two questions were driving me nuts for weeks to be honest, and I was even toying with the thought of giving up on my blog.

I just had this ,fatal, fixed idea in my mind that if I didn’t share updates daily, then my blog would serve no purpose and would be totally useless. Especially in times where regular content seems to be the number one crucial thing. But then I read this one post on a very popular bikini athlete’s Instagram and I came to realize that it’s totally okay to sometimes break the mold and change the order of your priorities, especially when there’s two important matters taking up a lot of your energy and you’re unable to handle both of them.

It might sound a bit egoistic and weird for a blogger to say, but, right now, I prefer to spend my evenings at ease on the couch instead of browsing the internet and forcing myself to create new content, but I guess things will get easier and, will probably go back into order, once contest-season is over. Until then, I take the time to focus on myself and share an article or two per week, depending on how much energy I have left at the end of the day. So talk to you soon(-er or later) guys.

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Vest-Pellobello-Shirt-Vila, Jeans-Topshop

Sneakers-Prada( similar here) Bag-Chanel, Watch-Michael Kors, Bracelets-Balenciaga+H&M, Sunglasses-Quay

xx Sammie

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