October 31, 2014

Playing around with the sun and its strong glare has become a favorite of mine.
Even if autumn is not the best season to pursue this contre-jour effect, we still managed to capture the sun for today’s article, after snapping around two-hundred photos.

I do realize that I’ve become very demanding when it comes to shooting an outfit. Believe it or not,last time I deleted the result of an entire shoot,because I didn’t like the color-scheme of my look. Insane,huh? David sure is doing a great job and when looking back at my old articles, there’s no way one couldn’t see the difference in the picture-quality.

As much as I love my blog, sometimes 24hours aren’t enough and it definitely was a bit quiet this past week,but only because I’m currently working on two very exciting projects which are time-consuming but will be so much fun to bring into being. To give it a name : forget 2.0, 10.0 is the way to go. Being busy as a bee is an incredible feeling,when you know that the result will be worth the sleepless nights, the buzzing head and the removed eye-lashes.

Yes,I removed them on my own with some olive oil,not because I wasn’t satisfied with them anymore but because I had no time for the refill and I also wanted to give my real lashes time to breath. I was very curious to see if the lash-extensions have done some damage to the real ones. Surprisingly they didn’t and my natural lashes still have the same length and thickness.pheeew.

IMG_4271 contre jour bow blouse heels IMG_B4266 IMG_4032

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