November 13, 2014
mii baby puppy blogger labrador mix


Let me introduce you to our newest family-member which is very fluffy and totally charming. This little girl is a 10weeks-old labrador-australian shepherd mix and moved in on Thursday.

Mumble already took his shine on her, just like the rest of us did. Just look at these beautiful big eyes and the soft pelt: who couldn’t fall in love with these? I guess only a heartless person could resist them.

The first day she was very shy and a little anxious, which is totally normal because after all she was taken away from her pack and had to flitch to a new place. Many people forget that a whelp is a little baby that needs a lot of consolation and courtesy before it starts to feel comfortable around new people. This is also the reason why David decided to spend the first nights next to her (next as in ,,on the couch”) because he didn’t want her to feel left alone.

His method works wonders because she was super cheeky today again and was following him around all the time. I guess I will name him puppy-mom from now on.


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