August 31, 2015

Good evening/good night my darling readers .Did you have a smashing start into the week? I know that Monday’s can be quite annoying and that many people dislike this part of the week,but this is all optional from my humble point of view. Just because it’s the first day of the week doesn’t mean you have to be all grumpy and tired. Just think of it as a new start which allows you to be the best you can be :)

And that’s what I did, well at least in the morning. I took advantage of this day off to get up quite early ( for my habits) and went to my favorite supplement store to stock up a bit on the usual stuff before my holiday. Afterwards I went to the gym where I pushed my legs and butt to the limit. (last-minute sos bikini-workout 😉 ) and the soreness that slowly crawling upon my legs right now makes me a bit afraid of walking stairs tomorrow haha.

Around afternoon is where the lazy part beings. Instead of packing my suitcase and getting everything ready I felt more like watching tv, doing flat-lays, snapchatting with a friend and at 7pm I thought it would also be a nice idea to visit my sisters and her boyfriend at their home.

So now it’s exactly 11.23pm and I’m left with a, still, unpacked suitcase, some stupid snapchats and a huge mess in my wardrobe. While I’m trying to get things done know, I’ll let you have a look at these detail shots from an outfit that’s already made it to Instagram the past week.(You can find it here)

Nighty night.


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