June 5, 2015
microblading eyebrows review on fleek new brows

My past days were filled with questions such as : Did you get your hair done?You look so different, did you color your hair? Oh you surely must have been tanning,you look so different!Oh nice new haircolor! Well guys, it’s not a new haircut, not a new hair color and I surely didn’t’ go tanning, I just treated myself with a pair of new eyebrows last Thursday and this is how I experienced this.  Warning: long post coming.

10 year ago it was the most cool thing to have your eyebrows as slim as possible, meaning there were only very few hairs forming a super thin line (almost invisible if you ask me) This treatment sure had its aftermaths and left me with only a little amount of misshapen brows. After trying out various products who never gave me the expected result, since I’m not a genius when it comes to drawing brows, a friend of mine told me about how she got hers done with the microblading method.

After watching several YouTube videos, browsing through Pinterest and reading many reviews and recommendations, I made an appointment at Perfect Eyebrows and received all the necessary information and explanations beforehand, so that I was calmed down and totally looking forward to it.

The day itself I avoided any make-up and skincare products. Once arrived the super friendly staff applied a numbing cream for 20 minutes. When it was all soaked in, they started by waxing and epilating the brows and we discussed the form and thickness all while factoring in the shape of my face and my natural hair-color. The beautician then proceeded by measuring every inch to make the brows equal and symmetric and started to ,,sketch” my new brows with a kohl. When she was done, I was handed a mirror to check if I liked it or if there’s something I’d like to change. The first look in the mirror was quite frightening as it was a super black an super thick balk, which is completely normal since the ,,draft” was done with a big black kohl.

I decided to trust her experience and told her to just do it (I’m such a bad-ass sometimes;) ). The microblading procedure itself took around 10-15minutes and wasn’t very painful, even if there’s a small blade depositing fine pigments into your skin. I would describe it as the same feeling you have when waxing the brows. Afterwards they gave me the mirror again and my first impression was: woaw what did I do?! Even if I was well aware that my eyebrows were a bit swollen and red underneath (photo bottom right)  and that the color would fade once it was all healed, it was a shock at first. I got a ,,how to care for your brows” paper and went home afterwards.

Now a week later it’s almost completely healed and the color is much lighter than in the beginning(photo top left). I’m amazed by the effect eyebrows have and I couldn’t be happier about them. They add so much structure to the face and make applying make up much more fun. It’s like your face has been tidied up and your eyes have been awaken.

My personal advice for you guys : Take the day itself and the day after off, because your brows will be super black at first  and I guess most of you don’t want to alarm their surroundings. Give yourself four days to accustom yourself to your new look, because it will definitely be a big change and the first few times you’ll see yourself in the mirror will be like : Whaaat,is that really me?

And last but not least, get some pretty eye shadows (included my favorites down low) because you will definitely want to accentuate your eyes even more. If you have any more questions about the treatment feel free to drop a message in the comment box or contact me on Facebook.

PS: Being not the best selfie-taker, the before and after photo will have to wait until I found a comparable,decent picture :)


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  • Reply Corie Bratter June 5, 2015 at 9:55 am

    I was really waiting for this post!!

    I love the current shape of my eyebrows but I would like them to be thicker and a bit bigger.. I was always a fan of the scouse brows I was planning to check for this treatment in the UK as I did not hear anybody doing it in Luxembourg, so great you did this review!

    I have some questions now (sorry): is the result reversible? how long will it last? how does it work when your normal eyebrows are growing (I am particularly scared about the maintenance). And lastly, what is the indicative price?

    Many thanks in advance!!

    • Reply Sammie June 5, 2015 at 10:35 am

      Hi Corie,
      It is considered semi-permanent so it’s not as lasting as a tattooed eyebrow. They told me it could last from 1 year to 3-4 years depending on how often you expose them to the sun etc. To maintain the shape it was recommended to either do it by yourself (by just tweezing those single hairs that are not in line) but you can also get it done at their salon for a few euros.
      Indicative price is 200€ including one ,,refreshment,, afterwards if necessary. I’ve seen it for 450€ on a friend and the result wasn’t that nice, so Perfect Eyebrows is definitely doing a great job. You can check out their fb page as they have lots of before and after pictures :)
      Have a great weekend

  • Reply Mariah June 6, 2015 at 9:03 am

    Eyebrows are really important and I’m glad your experience went well. I’ve never heard of mircoblading so this post was really interesting for me to read. Your brows look amazing ! :)

  • Reply Adela Acanski June 7, 2015 at 7:31 pm

    Amazing post!

  • Reply Furore June 8, 2015 at 8:51 pm

    Very nice shape!
    Read our new article xx Furore Magazine

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