February 15, 2016


Happy Monday world. The week has just kicked off and my anticipation for the weekend is already knowing no limits. Well aware that the following 5 days will be just as exhausting as the previous ones, I can’t wait to just jump on the couch on Friday evening and not leave it until Sunday. Two gym-sessions per day and this tough contest-diet, consume my entire energy for a week, hence Saturdays and Sundays are badly needed to fully charge the batteries and get ready for the days that are to come.

I admit that I’ve also been quite a lazy donkey regarding outfit-posts, but I just couldn’t get myself up&ready lately, and I also didn’t feel creative enough to put a few decent looks together. I was just way too happy doing nothing but the necessary, vital things such as grocery shopping and cooking. But I promise I’ll better myself, which is why I used the time on the treadmill wisely this morning to write down a few outfit-ideas on my phone and browse some blogs to catch up on the latest trends and on the current fashion-week madness.

Now whenever I lack major inspiration or motivation, I do not only turn to blogs but I equally adore to scroll through my Instagram-feed for hours, but recently I also find myself watching quite a bunch of YouTube videos. In fact I spend way more time on YouTube than actually watching TV-shows. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing, but it’s a welcoming change at least. Except from a few street-comedy accounts, I follow mostly bikini athletes, as they are a real reflections of my goals and I get to learn so much. The number of followings is not a criteria of mine to determine if a channel is worth-watching. It’s more the personality and individuality of a person that makes me hit the subscribe button. So here’s my five female fitness favorites including their most popular videos.

Heidi Somers/Buffbunny: I don’t think this girl needs much introduction as she’s become quite a big thing in the Fitness industry already. I love how down to earth and honest she is in her videos.  Also she doesn’t follow macros per-se but mainly just sticks to clean-eating and eats according to her conscious and goals. She seems like such a sweet-heart and I hope that I get to meet her at this year’s Fibo in Cologne.

Nikki Blackketter: Co-founder of Alphalete, fitness-model, brand-ambassador and NPC Competitor, she’s a hard-working women with a lot of discipline. Her leg-workout routines already gave me some major motivation, especially because her butt is goals, and following her route to stage was incredibly interesting to watch. She’s one of the few real people on Youtube that, sometimes, just lounges around on the couch filming random,daily stuff and that’s one of the major reasons why I like to follow her, because I really get the feel to get to know her. More importantly Nikki also seems to be totally in line with her body, which is crucial in times where everyone is getting absorbed with fears of failure. On a side note, I owe my Lululemon-love to her.

Emily Duncan: To me she’s the Jenna Marbles in the Fitness Industry. Super hilarious and fun to watch with a lot of knowledge and great recipes. On her channel she share regular physique updates along with daily life struggles and clearly shows what a body is capable of in just a few weeks. Definitely worth-watching.

Amanda Bucci: Informative and inspiring, this fitness-enthusiast from Los Angeles has just announced that she will be coaching a few selected bikini athletes for the coming season. On her channel she focuses on promoting a healthy body image and a positive mind, while also sharing that one or other tasty recipe that will make your diet much easier.

Randi Kennedy: Last but not least, I only discovered her fitness channel last week but already got hooked on it. She’s a personal trainer and CBBF National Bikini Competitor and super genuine in all of her videos. Her physique is amazing and goes perfectly along with her bubbly personality. And by the way,have a look at these amazing No-Bake Chocolate Eclaire Truffles. Definitely something to try after contest-season is over.

xx Sammie

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  • Reply Melanie February 15, 2016 at 1:08 pm

    Die sind ja alle so durchtrainiert und schlank :-*

    ganz liebe Grüße
    Melnie /

  • Reply M&MFASHIONBITES February 16, 2016 at 5:08 pm

    Nice post :)
    Maria V.

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