July 27, 2015
chloe faye blogger

Good morning world. How awesome is this feel after sweating for 40minutes on the treadmill and then taking a nice hot shower in the morning?Believe me it’s priceless and you should definitely try this at least once. It gives you so much energy and motivation to take up the day. So to start off this last week of July and to make you know me better,here’s fifteen random facts about me,that you didn’t know. If you’ve got any fun facts about you,just leave them in the comment section,would love to hear the unusual habits of you guys :)


chloe faye blogger

1.When I was a child I loved playing with barbies. It was my favorite thing to dress them all pretty and I could do this for hours straight. But I also really liked to style their hair and hence gave them super fancy (and short )hair cuts, only to complain afterwards that it didn’t grow in again. Seriously I thought that it would grow back.

2. My first pet was a bunny named Piggy and his death gave me the most traumatic nightmare you can have as a kid. We always left the garden door open because he never ran away and used to chill in the meadow all day long. When he was 9 years old,which is incredible for a bunny, the neighbor’s dog came in,caught him and broke his neck. I was the one who found Piggy lying motionless in the street and I remember,like it was yesterday, how I picked him up and ran to my father crying that we needed to see the vet because I didn’t realize it was too late already. My mom also burned her Paella that day. Rest in peace dear Piggy

chloe faye blogger

3. My favorite food is cheese-macaroni,and, Oreos covered in chocolate,but I also love Ben&Jerry’s Cookie Dough,ehm and Pizza,yes that is.

4. I’m a loner by choice and very happy with my own company since I’ve learned to love who I am and I just like being all independent. In these crazy,fast times it’s so important to enjoy some me-time in order to not get lost in the hustle and bustle of the moment. I do have a few close friends that I genuinely enjoy hanging out with but 99%of the people I meet just don’t click with me and don’t share any common interests. Also I really hate doing small talk with people that are full of themselves and don’t get me started on all these two-faced weirdos that are only waiting to stab you in the back.

chloe faye blogger

5. I am the worst morning person ever and it’s impossible to have a real conversation with me for at least ninety minutes,or before 9 am. David is very used to it though and knows how to avoid my morning grumpiness.

6. I love going to fancy restaurants and then picking out the most simple,boring plate that’s on the menu.

7. My black humor/sarcasm can be very offensive and there’s so many people that take my self proclaimed jokes way too serious and end up feeling all insulted and stuff. So if you can’t handle a tad of daily sarcasm then better don’t try being my friend.

8. I’m unable to sleep in the same bed with another person,except if it’s my boyfriend or my sister and then again there’s no way I’d share a blanket with them. Any other people is a huge no from the start,even if it’s a good friend.

chloe faye blogger

9. I own a bunch of makeup that’s so pretty but I seriously don’t know how to use it correctly and I’m especially untalented with fake eyelashes. I always end up losing them over the day or gluing them everywhere except where they belong,haha.

10. If you ever receive a gift from me,you’ll notice immediately who’s the consignor, because my messy/ugly packaging is a signature style of mine.

11.I don’t like children!Yes I said it and I don’t care if you judge me for that. Animal babies,yes, human babies,no! I just don’t find myself attracted to them in any way because they’re loud,annoying,  everything but cute and have ruined so many of my relaxed dinners at restaurants already.  Bring me a puppy and I’m contented,bring me a baby and I’m all like : What do I do with it? So please don’t let me hold your baby ever as it will bring me into a very awkward situation, thanks! Guess it’s superfluous to tell you that I don’t ever want kids on my own and if you’re thinking now oh that will change over time, no,it’s been that way ever since I can imagine and it’s definitely there to stay.

12. I find it mildly annoying when I’m at a restaurant and the waiter wants to serve the ordered plates and people at the table don’t pay attention to him.This is just plain rude

chloe faye blogger

13.I’m always late,like it doesn’t even matter if I’m ready half an hour before getting picked up because I still manage to lose sight off the time and be at least 15 minutes, fashionably, late.

14. I used to be bullied a lot in high school and it was definitely a hard time to go through.I’ve had bellyaches every morning for over a year because I didn’t want to go to school anymore. Eventually this helped me become a stronger and more confident person. And Karma also did his turn as all of these bullies turned out to be real losers with very bad jobs 😉

15.It took me around two hours to get these 15 facts togetherchloe faye blogger

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  • Reply Duchess of Fashion July 27, 2015 at 9:00 am

    I’m the same! Always late for everything lol. Love your outfit hun, your Chloe Faye is looking fab!

  • Reply Corie Bratter July 27, 2015 at 9:26 am

    Great post! It always lovely get the chance to know a bit more a person behind a blog, love this kind of posts!


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