June 9, 2015

This is not the most summery outfit for June, but I still wanted to share it , since this color combination has totally grown on me. The, more feminine, blush pink together with this light-grey creates such a nice harmonious look that I could easily wear on a daily basis. Sometimes I’m even struggling to wear anything else than this color scheme. And in case you’re wondering : This outfit was captured some days before I got my eyebrow-treatment, so it can be somehow be considered an old one. And yes I totally had the lens cap in the back of my pocket while shooting this one haha.

One of the reasons why I haven’t done any outfit-photos with my new brows yet is that I had to accustom myself to them first. And then ,of course,I wanted them to be fully healed since I’m always so picky when it comes to choosing photos and I really didn’t want to annoy my photographer that much.

So far I received great feedback from you guys on the new eyebrows and I really loved to hear about your own experience. I’m very happy that I could help so many of you that were debating whether to get their brows done or not. I’m repeating myself but if you have any questions on the microblading treatment, don’t hesitate to contact me on my Facebook. I’m glad to help you with this, rather difficult, decision. And for those of you that are laughing at the ,,difficult” part, everything that affects your face and overall look can be considered difficult. If something goes wrong or doesn’t end up the way you imagined it, then there’s no way out anymore, you can’t simply hide your face behind huge sunglasses all year long and expect it to go away. So it’s always better to think twice and scrutinize everything, than risk doing a huge mistake.

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