September 3, 2015
topshop lace up

Hey guys. I just wanted to drop in a quick hello from my vacation. Well, in fact this hello isn’t that quick because the wifi here is slow as a snail. It took me around 15minutes to login into my blog-account. Enough said?No?The time it took to upload this single picture, I was able to take a shower, blow-dry my hair, paint my nails and have dinner. And to top if off : This picture is only 65kb big,which means it’s Instagram-sized 😉 

I won’t even try to upload any high-quality pictures from my DSLR, as this will frustrate me to the extend that I would probably throw the laptop out of the window and right into the pool. So the blog will be back to normal once I’m home again. In the meantime, you might check out my Instagram and Snapchat (Fashionbarbecue) as both of them seem to work somewhat acceptable :) Have a good night and talk to you soon.

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