March 30, 2015
canon lens photography 300mm 50 f14

Hello folks. I’ve been quite absent the past days due to our travel to Colmar in France. With only 3 hours of sleep and a very long day, I just didn’t feel like blogging at 2am in the morning. Even more because we missed an hour with the switch to summer time and I seriously wonder who had this bright idea to change the clocks at 2am in the morning on a weekend? Personally I think that Friday 3pm would be a way better time, wouldn’t it?;) So to start off this week : here’s what’s been going on in front of my Canon Eos600D and the 50mm 1.4 as well as the wide angle lens.

First things first, I can’t get my eyes of these awesome sneakers and I’m still amazed that they made it back from the early 00’s archives. I mean over a decade passed since they were last the absolute have-to-have thing. Of course I’ve been wearing them the entire weekend because they’re oh so comfortable and look pretty neat with some simple black jeans and a draped cardigan, and they also gave my OnePiece jumpsuit a touch of coolness. Both of these looks will soon be on the blog,just to give you an idea of my weekend attire.

The competition itself was thrilling as there were so many athletes and the public was crowded like crazy. I had a pretty hard time to get some decent photos done as the lights on stage were a bit confusing and I had to adapt the settings every time the athletes moved. Other than that I managed to take some fun backstage photos and also got some filming done. My sister will upload the whole video and more photos soon, so if you’re interested what the backstage of a bodybuilding competition looks like, you should head over to her youtube channel.

Have a nice week

IMG_6394 IMG_6408 IMG_6170 canon lens photography 300mm 50 f14 IMG_6150 canon lens photography 300mm 50 f14 canon lens photography 300mm 50 f14 canon lens photography 300mm 50 f14

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