October 26, 2014

All black errrrr-thing.
This outfit was meant to be published last week already, but it was only today that I sat down, with an enormous cup of berry tea and my favorite tv-show in the background, and started to attack the many different layers and tools Adobe Photoshop has on offer. If you’re familiar with this program, you’re mostly aware that the possibilities are infinite,which can make you lose track of time and result in a sleepless night.

This, luckily, doesn’t happen too often with me, considering that the photos usually please me from the moment I download them to my macbook, and then there’s not much editing to do. Unfortunately, last time, I advised David to set the ISO higher than usual while shooting in the evening sun,which then resulted in rather grainy images. The mishap : It’s barely noticeable on the camera screen, therefor the bad surprise only hits once the photos are uploaded to the blog and mostly the sun is completely down by then, which equals no time to redo the shoot.

It was quite challenging to enhance the images, but after adjusting for around 45minutes 29photos, the result eventually satisfied me to the point, that I felt like sharing this all black with a touch of blush pink look, with you folks. Isn’t the Valentino tote one of the most gorgeous big bags ever?IMG_2274




fashion high heels black outfit valentino bag

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