November 3, 2014
instagram puppy nike canon
A new month,a new week,a new chance to be awesome and strive forwards.
And for me a new kick-in to get back to my old blogging habits from which I’ve been driven away lately due to several reasons. But you guys will discover one of them very soon and I couldn’t be more excited to finally reveal it.

Until then I let you enjoy these insights from Instagram account which include a fluffy face that will move in this friday, a newly launched magazine and my newest Canon addition which is making me ubberly happy. I’ve been spending so much time click flashing lately that photography has definitely become a big passion of mine. Once the photos seem perfect to me, I will try and see if I’m able to put a nice little article together.

Yesterday I went to support my sister for her first bikini competition in the NAC federation. She’s also the one in the first photo on the left just in case you’re wondering. I must say that she did an incredible job and that her entire performance was breath-taking. I’ve never been to such a competition before but it was lots of fun to watch the athletes compete against each other and I’m very,very proud of my little sister that she did so well.

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