July 24, 2015
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Sorry for being late on this week’s Insta-recap, but when I got home yesterday my eyelids drooped as I grew tired and there was honestly no energy left to get that post online. Why? Well, I jumped out of bed,or rather rolled out of it like a zombie, by 6am,which is in the dead of night for me, to hit a fasted cardio session before work. Guess I must be completely nuts but apparently this is killer to get rid of superfluous water retentions and fat, and to be honest, I felt so full of energy afterwards. In the evening I went back to the gym to do some shoulder training and another cardio session, and,boy that’s when the tiredness came in and I just wanted to go to sleep afterwards.

As you can tell my recap looks a bit different than the week before and that’s because I’m trying to find out what works best with these types of articles. Grid or no grid,single photo or multiple photo ,6 or 9pictures ? So furthermore changes are not shut out until I’ve settled down for a design that I’m a hundred percent happy with and only god knows when this will happen haha.

If you already follow me on Instagram you must have noticed my LiketoknowIt captions and maybe wondered what it is. So here’s how it works:  Once you’ve signed up on Liketoknowit and like my LTK-pictures, you’ll receive an email to your inbox to directly shop the pieces that I’m wearing. I also like to refer to it as tool for seamless Instagram-shopping. Genius right? Especially because you can define how many e-mails you’re going to receive per day (daily,two times a day or every time you like a picture etc)

Now I gotta get going as yesterday’s early morning workout inspired me to do this on repeat,just to see what changes it will bring me in a month’s time. I’ll keep you updated 😉

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  • Reply Leneth July 24, 2015 at 8:25 am

    So much respect for you that you get up so early to workout! I should do this too haha :)
    Nice recap, I’m still in love with your new bag and I also really like those ripped trousers ! x

  • Reply The Pink Heart Girl July 24, 2015 at 9:01 am

    Tolle Fotos :-*

  • Reply WEEK 30 – July 26, 2015 at 6:10 pm

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