September 20, 2014

It definitely was a fun evening : The Janette Magazine launch party at the Smets store in Luxembourg.
This fresh out of the box magazine will be available in various places in the Grand-Duchy for free. It’s the first one of its kind and after flipping through the pages, I realized there’s a little bit for everyone : lifestyle,fashion and more. Just what I like my magazines to be and I’ll sure will pick up the second edition once it’s released. If you’re curious now,head over to their website or facebook page to discover the whole Janette universe.

The event itself was wonderful and I was most attracted to this beautiful set-up candy bar as well as to some of the brilliant outfits the Smets crew put together for their fashion-show. The last look including a sparkling sequin shirt and an oversized,suede leather jacket turned out to be my absolute favorite. I guess it’s also not necessary to tell you that I’m totally into the Isabel Marant Nia boots pictured below? I’ll just put the non-fur version into my never-ending and oh-so growing wish-list and wait for the winter-sales to happen 😉

In case you’re wondering about the pictures,I decided to take my brand-new lens with me just to play around and see what it can do in a closed room with tungsten light. For me the result is quite alright, but there’s still lots of room for improvement,like always.
I hope you enjoy the photos and that the candy won’t make you too hungry now 😉

IMG_1215 IMG_1227 IMG_1398 IMG_1200 IMG_1356 IMG_1323 IMG_1403 IMG_1202 IMG_1439 janette magazin party event

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