October 23, 2014

Jims Fitness located in Beggen,Luxembourg is that one place I spend almost all of my lunch-breaks.
I discovered this gym around April, after trying several other places, and a free 4-day trial was enough to get me motivated to work my puff into tuff again. Ever since then I’m addicted and my work-outs have become my favorite part of the day.

It’s mainly the friendly atmosphere that makes you want to go work-out at that place, which opened its doors in January this year, and it’s the great set-up and combination between cardio-machines and heavy weights that helps you make the most out of your training. And in case you’re just getting started, there’s an excellent group of personal trainers, which are happy to help you reach your goal, all while taking into consideration your initial situation and your way of life.

Another big plus is that you don’t get judged. Want to train with the big boys in the heavy weights section?Don’t worry you won’t get a weird side-eye, but maybe there’s the one or other more experienced person which will give you some advice in case your form isn’t correct of it you’re stuck with one of the more complicated machines.

The only bad thing? Definitely the stairs after you trained legs.They almost seem infinite once your legs are all shaky at the end of your work-out. But you can not really consider this as a bad thing,because it’s somewhat funny 😉

In case you’re curious now and motivated to kick through, I suggest you head over to their website, where you also find the timetable for the many different classes, but there’s also a facebook page which will inform you about new offers and actions.
Besides the free four day trial,you can also benefit from their newest offer where you will save up to 49€registration fee until 31th October.

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