September 9, 2014

Kendra Scott is a brand to remember.
I had the great pleasure to visit their showroom while in New York and what I can tell you from the beginning : I was overwhelmed by their whole collection.

The brand, originated from Austin,Texas is specialized in creating the most sparkling pieces of jewelry you’ve ever seen. From earrings to delicate rings and bracelets and over to stunning statement necklaces, they have it all.

The charming and beautiful ladies from their team were so kind as to explain me the whole design process including the making-off of their druzy bits. Did you know that the stones they use, contain water that is more than 1000 years old? Some people believe it’s enchanted with a magic potency and drink it in order to avoid sickness, bad luck and to stay healthy. The story behind the brand is equally unique and if you’re curious about their astonishing success-story,follow this way

I included some of my personal favorites at the bottom of this article and as you can tell from the photos, I fell pretty bad for this black dazzle necklace, which goes perfectly with my new found shirt-love. I suggest you make sure to keep the name Kendra Scott in mind, as I’m already busy preparing an article about their coming collection for fall. Stay prepared folks, because it will blow your mind.

kendra scott showroom jewellery IMG_9551 Kopie IMG_9594 IMG_9617 IMG_9629 IMG_9636 IMG_9653 IMG_9655 IMG_9664

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