October 29, 2014
Kenzo is spicing up their well-known sweaters in this collaboration with SMETS.
Instead of the famous tiger head,they used a variety of black tools to create a versatile grey piece, which will hit the streets of Luxembourg all too soon I guess.

Ever since four seasons ago, sweaters turned into a big must and miraculously they are even considered office-friendly these days. Well, if you happen to work in a casual type of office and, more important, if it’s combined in an elegant way.
To celebrate the launch of this limited edition sweater, SMETS threw a luxury underground party in their concept store in Luxembourg, including a stunning dance act as well as the live performance of a very talented graffiti artist. And, as you can tell, there was also lots of good food,just one word : Dunkin’ Donuts. Oh how I love these high-calorie bites with their colorful sprinkles on top.


Besides the presentation of their newest creation, the SMETS team also initiated a streetstyle-look parade with blazing hats, edgy outfits and the most fancy sneakers you’ll ever come across. Pretty tempting if you ask me, but unfortunately I don’t get a lot of wear out of sneakers, so I skipped that part for good and remained with staring only. But I definitely know some people who will totally fall for that laid-back footwear.


Today, I’m still debating whether to jump on the grey-tool-sweater-train or not. If you plan to,you better hurry up because it’s limited to 400 pieces and there were already many people carrying theirs in a bag yesterday,don’t waste time folks.
IMG_3253 IMG_3224 IMG_3234 IMG_3203 IMG_3200 IMG_3287 kenzo sweater smets collaboration limited


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