October 5, 2014
Fresh cut fruits and greek yoghurt right now.
I spiced up my lazy sunday by sneaking in a short ab&core work-out from the Insanity dvd’s, because  yesterday my sister and I took our first pole-dance class since over a year and this was a nice reminder that I should focus a bit more on the belly-area.

The course itself was great and it felt so good to be with the head upside down again and just swing around the pole.
I’m definitely going to take up this sport again as it’s really fun and exhausting at the same time. To everyone stating that it’s not a sport: Try it and then dare to say it again 😉
My afternoon/post workout snack consisted in a bowl of Greek yoghurt topped with protein muesli and fresh cut fruit. If I wouldn’t be so lazy during the week I could have this every single day. But as the kitchen is not my favorite place to hang around, I usually just take the whole fruits with me to work 😉
Now I’ll enjoy some episodes of the big bang theory and afterwards we’ll be shooting some outfits.
Enjoy the rest of you Sunday
snack healthy fitness greek yoghurt fruits IMG_4427

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