February 10, 2016

fitness journey bloggerI just got home from my semi-monthly check-up at my coach’s place, which was pretty motivating, and while my food is cooking, I take advantage of following up on part 1 (read it here) of my fitness-series. Right now some days are awesome, others are a bit awful. Hunger is slowly making it’s way onto my belly and I do feel a bit tired at times, but that’s just part of the process and I have to cope with it, especially because I’m starting to learn a lot about what my body and mind are capable of, and the changes I’m going through are well-worth the struggle.

Being on a preparation for a competition is way more than just choosing a salad over garlic bread to go with your steak, and everyone that tells you that a contest-diet is all rainbows and unicorns, is either not doing it right, or is making things up. The food restrictions sure are tough at moments, but having the focus on this one goal and pushing myself to my new-set limits makes me feel so confident and empowered, that I even tend to forget about mac&cheese, burgers and donuts. And it’s amazing how happy a cup of rice and a small bowl of sugar-free applesauce make me right now. I’m definitely appreciating my two reefed-days, they’re always the absolute highlight of the week and I’m crossing my fingers that they will remain part of the plan for the coming two weeks at least. My precious…you know.2BeFunky Collage

Time, on the other side, has also become a precious thing these days and I barely waste the few minutes that are left after working, working out, cooking, eating and completing everything that needs to be done on a random day. Currently I also came to realize that a good nights sleep is more than crucial, especially when you wake up at 5.00 am for a fasted cardio session, go to work afterwards and return to the gym for a weight-lifting session at 5.00 pm, only to be home at 7.00 pm to prepare the food for the coming day and get everything ready. Usually I just fall into bed straight after my shower, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get sanely through the day.

This project that is myself, is simply all about the effort that is put into. I’m trying to better myself during each and every gym-session, even if I’m far from being perfect, I always try to give a hundred and ten percent. Turning into a fit person is a long process that takes consistency and engagement, but I just think that the harder you work and the longer the road is, the better you’ll be able to appreciate reaching the finish line.BwFunky Collage

A handful of helpers that make life a bit easier these days:

1. My Six Pack Bag (here) that allows me to always have my food at hand.

2. Flavor God spices make even the most boring plate tasty. Especially the Pizza seasoning is beyond amazing. You can find it here

3. A great work-out music list to push me through the work-outs, check out my sister’s best gym tunes here

4. Our new Tefal grill because chicken has never tasted so crispy and tender at the same time. Find it here

5. I started a new Pinterest board ( here)with after-contest treats. I don’t plan on going on a huge binge after the contest, but having some meal-ideas at hand when the moment has arrived, seems like a great idea in order to avoid jumping headless on each and every piece of food.

6. My sister that kicks my ass whenever I feel down.

xx Sammie

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  • Reply Kashmir & Silk February 11, 2016 at 10:27 am

    Such a great post !! Really motivating !! :) Xx

  • Reply Corie Bratter February 11, 2016 at 11:55 am

    Very inspiring post! When I start a detox period I am always really motivated and I have a strong discipline. Unfortunately I find it very difficult to maintain it for a long period. When I got married, two years ago, I bought a wedding dress that was 2 size smaller than mine and that was a huge motivation. In the day to day life I find it very difficult to maintain a healthy life style for a long period. When I eat healthy I tend to stick to a vegan lifestyle and to have several small meals per days, counting my calories intake and working out. I see immediately the benefits on my skin and belly! But after a while I started to be too lazy and normally I barely have a coffee when I wake up and I can stay without eating all day long, for having just something at the end of my day – usually bread with something or crisps and chicken, I am not very into sweets. I know how much it is wrong! So I definitely admire you for all the motivation you have! Going to Pinterest now, curious to see your treats board :)


  • Reply Rakel February 11, 2016 at 2:05 pm

    Super inspiring post! Love it! :)

    Rakel ♥

  • Reply Carrieslifestyle February 12, 2016 at 10:07 am

    wow total inspirierend

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