October 2, 2014
Olloclip 3-in-1 lens is seriously addictive.
I always try to improve my photography skills because it’s so much fun when your photo finally turns out the way you want it. Therefor I was looking for a wide-angle lense since some time. Unfortunately they’re super pricey and that was putting me off somehow. Then I came across the Olloclip lens. This small and easy transportable tool comes with a 10x macro, fish-eye and, best of all, wide angle lens. 

As you can tell from the photos you only need to attach it to the right corner of your Iphone. There’s no screwing or crafting necessary (foolproof)
You have two sides: one with the fish-eye and the other side contains the macro, which you get by screwing off the wide angle. It’s really great to use when you’re on the go and want to shoot photos without carrying around a million heavy lenses.


The photos I’m sharing here were shot done after I received it, so they’re not super brilliant. The lens can definitely do better once you have some fabulous pieces and places to shoot. I’m especially amazed by the macro lense, it captures even the smallest details.
I’m going to try this fabulous little piece out some more this upcoming weekend and will share the results on my Instagram ( @fashionbarbecue)
You can get the Olloclip right here. Delivery is fast and the customer service impeccable.
olloclip lens iphone phone

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