May 15, 2015
nike air max 1 city paris collection ripped hollisterr suede jacket

Don’t you just love it when you’re finally able to slip into your suede summer pieces without worrying that a rain drop might ruin them in a minute? That’s how I feel about this mellow pink jacket from VeroModa, that almost got lost in the depths of my closet. Shame on me for that, but to make amends for it I took the first opportunity to wear it out on a wonderful sunny weekend in May.

Delicate fabrics,such as suede or satin, are always challenging to me. I remember that one time when I was attending a wedding ,wearing my brand new Christian Louboutin suede sandals and one of the guests spilled their drink over my feet. Laugh all you want, but I was in complete shock and ready to go all mad at this person, then I realized that only my toes got wet and that no damage was done to the shoes pheww, lucky her. Same goes for this jacket. Once I wear it and it starts raining, I rather stuff it into my bag than taking the risk of ugly rain-marks. Some might think that I’m overreacting a bit, but I just like to take good care of my things and want them to look good as long as possible.Can’t blame me for that right?

As you can tell I took advantage of my day-off to have some more fun with the Photoshop effect that I shared two days ago and I really like how different the photos look, even if they’re, at some point, a bit too light in a few spots. It’s a refreshing switch from the pictures I usually post and it fits great within the current season I think. Somehow it also reminds me of the Valencia filter on Instagram, so if you’re lazy you might just add this to your pictures and you’re done within a second.

PS: My apologies for this overload of fetching Nike sneakers photos lately, I’m just obsessed with this gorgeous floral-print and want to share this obsession with the whole world;)

IMG_0945 IMG_0965 IMG_0947 IMG_0955 IMG_0961 nike air max 1 city paris suede leather jacket blush pink

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