August 7, 2015
snapchat moments

Before jumping with both feet into the weekend I have a bunch of Snapchat moments, that I collected over the past days,to share with you. And once again I realize that I’m mainly using the app to either document my work-outs or share my naps of the day. Could that be the result of my days being the ever same right now or is it maybe because the one blends so well with the other? 😉 Well,I think that workouts and naps definitely go perfectly hand in hand,haha.

And if you now think that my Snapchat was a bit boring lately then there’s rescue to come because my weekend announced itself to be very entertaining. Just a little hint: Friends of mine are going to get married on Saturday and they’re known for partying hard. So might be worth checking out my Snapchat Story in the next 24 hours.

Now I’m off to do some last-minute accessory shopping as I haven’t found the right necklace and shoes for my dress yet. What’s dressing up without a little stress?;) Have a great weekend folks!

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