October 20, 2014
A white leopard dress and the classic black additions to it.
This black&white print dress was a sheer impulse buy, or shall I name it retail therapy? Either way, it was hanging all alone at the local H&M store, somehow waiting for me to pick it up. I’ve been wandering around it several times and only decided last-minute to take it home with me. I didn’t even try it because the cut and the print left this comforting impression that it would totally be me.

The reason why I’m writing about impulse buying is that I’ve been unable to pursue my everyday lunchtime-activity, namely spending 90 minutes sweating at the gym, and this baffled me to the extent that browsing the new collections seemed like the right way to go. It’s impressive how the body and the mind react if a habit is broken due to several reasons. Working out during lunch-time makes me feel incredibly good for the rest of the day and it definitely enhances my mood by a hundred percent.
But due to the flu that I caught the past weekend, my body still felt weak and my limbs hurt with every movement. It definitely felt like the right decision to skip the work-outs for a few more days even if it resulted in less productivity and a new dress. But at least last one fits like a fingerprint
 IMG_2021 IMG_1975 IMG_2084 IMG_1980 snow leopard dress h&m IMG_2062 IMG_2073

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