December 13, 2014

Tonight Jenny and I grabbed our bags and cameras and crossed the border to France for our fellow blogger-friend Anne-Sophie’s store opening.

Her shop is named Le Passaj and is located right in the heart of Thionville in the main shopping-street. Therefor it’s a child’s-play to find it, even if Thionville is not your hometown. I guess there was no way to select a more suitable spot for a contemporary store that is filled with fantastic jackets, laid-back sneakers and fancy accessories. Upon our arrival the store was already packed with stylish people enjoying their glass of champagne and checking out the racks.

After congratulating miss Moodofastylist on her great opening we started our discovery tour and I immediately spotted a chunky black and white jacket that reminded me of a past Isabel Marant piece. As you might know I’m a huge fan of everything marant-ish, so that jacket already made it to my endless, ever-growing wish-list. Apart from the great clothing selection, there’s this brilliant concept that will catch your eye in a minute. This clash between urban and vintage elements accentuates the clothes to the extent that you just have to browse the pieces on the hangers, only to try them on in the super witty changing rooms and fall in love. Personally, I decided to go back on a calm day, when there’s not half a million people in there, and take the necessary time to discover the other gems Anne-Sophie has in store.

If you’re curious now,head over to their Facebook page where you can find all relevant information.IMG_8882 IMG_8809 IMG_8675 IMG_8804 IMG_8664 IMG_8793 IMG_8742 le passaj store opening thionville




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  • Reply Sara - Window On My Wardrobe December 15, 2014 at 4:13 pm

    What a fun store openning! I love the outfit you’re wearing over here, black and beige are my favorite colors to wear during winter!

    X Sara

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