November 13, 2015

T.G.I.F.! And, after editing today’s photos, T.G. as well that there’s an appointment at the hairdresser on Saturday. I had this genius (sarcasm off) idea to color the bottom of my hair lighter to give it a more voluminous look, but, obviously, it didn’t turn out the way I imagined it, so one round of back to normal please. After a few trials, I can declare with confidence that hair experiments simply don’t work for me and sticking to my usual chocolate brown might be the best and cheapest idea.

Other than my hairdresser appointment, there’s quite a busy weekend ahead, and it’s starting this evening with a meeting at one of Luxembourg’s biggest stores and I’m super curious how that one will turn out. Afterwards I’ll be heading to my Dad’s birthday celebration where we’ll have some grill-stone and maybe that one or other slice of raclette cheese. Gosh, how I love this type of food during the cold months. Definitely going to enjoy it the fullest, as in January things are getting more serious and then the delicious food gets cancelled for quite some time. But more on that soon.

Enjoy your Friday folks.

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