December 25, 2015
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After two days in full festive mood, unwinding with my laptop in cozy clothes and with season 2 of the royals is all I need for tonight. Being comfortable after wearing all these pretty, yet somewhat uneasy clothes is such a relieve and I honestly couldn’t wait to change the heels for Uggs and the white blouse for a snug sweater in my favorite shade of the season: powdery pink. It’s a sure thing that I adore to dress up for holiday season, because when else would you parade your greater pieces without being over the top, but I just equally love it to be all soothed down afterwards.

The clothes aside, it’s been a wonderful Christmas for me so far and telling you that I’m stuffed like a turkey is a serious understatement. My sister really knows how to make the best cookies around and before things start to get serious in January pertaining my diet, I will enjoy them without the slightest feel of guilt, and until the box is empty. However I decided to hit a short work out tomorrow morning for the sake of fun and to not let food be the only reason that I feel tired for the rest of the day.

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Sweater-Lookbookstore, Jeans-Zara(similar here)

Boots-Ugg, Bag-Celine, Shades-Dior,Scarf-H&M


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