November 15, 2014

It’s almost a week since thousands of people all around the globe were waiting in line to get their hands on this year’s most anticipated H&M collection and as far as I can tell from the social media platforms many of you were lucky enough to grab their favorite pieces.

Our local store in Luxembourg armed themselves and ordered way more items than last year, where everything was gone within minutes. But still, people were waiting in line since 6.30am, which is nothing compared to other cities where like-minded people were already queuing up the day before, but for our tiny country it definitely means something. I arrived around 07.00am and as it seemed I was the 10th person lining up, because the sales associates offered me the last limited-edition stool and backpack. That made the early wake-up already worth it.I’ve never lined up for any H&M collection until now, so it was a brand new experience for me and I must say that it was quite funny because you could really feel the tension go up every minute and I had the pleasure to talk to some very nice people about the collection.And when the store finally opened its doors, people first tried to act all social but once they spied the hangers they lost all of their composure. I prepared myself and knew exactly which items I absolutely wanted so I headed straight on to them and after only 2 minutes I was done. Talk about fast shopping.
Wang’s collection included cozy scuba sweaters, paneled pants ,strappy sports-bras and mesh dresses. Simply everything that makes a Wang-fan’s heart skip a beat. Now I let you enjoy the phone snaps I shot right after I had my desired items and when there was still some time left to watch the crowd go crazy. And there’s also a glimpse on the pieces I got myself. Happy Humpday loves.

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