April 17, 2015
triangl bikini sizing guide sizes sizing advice

One of my most popular posts on my old blog was,without a doubt, the one about my Triangl bikini. For those of you who haven’t heard at all about this brand yet,just visit their webshop. Trust me it’s worth it.

During my vacations I got many compliments on my bikinis and lots of girls were curious about where they could get one as well. Triangls mantra sure works : It doesn’t always have to be all fancy with bows,shiny stones and frills. Simplicity can make up for everything.

A frequently asked question is ,of course, the fit. My first advice to you : If you are in between sizes then go for the bigger size because, after all, this swimwear is made out of neopren,a fabric with almost zero stretch rate. Other than that I think that the bikinis are a bit on the smaller size, but it all depends on how cheeky you want your bottom and top to be. Triangls bikinis work with almost every body type. If you follow Triangl on their Instagram you might get annoyed by all these super skinny girls rocking the bikinis,but rest assured that they also look flattering on curvier girls. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

Another thing to pay attention to: what might irritate you at first is the stiffness of the material. This gives the impression of the bikini being too small but once you’ve worn it for some hours on the beach or at the pool, it’s all good and fits like a glove. At least that’s my impression of it.

I tried to illustrate the difference between two sizes on the following pictures and should you have further questions,just leave them on the comment box. I’ll respond to them asap :) Bottom is once in Small and Medium,Top is  in Medium and Large.

IMG_1948 IMG_1970 IMG_1967 triangl bikini sizing guide neopren sizes sizing

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