November 14, 2014

It was time for some new Ugg boots and when TheOutnet received a new-in at 50% this grey pair named Josette was clicked home without a second of a doubt.

I’m well aware that it’s one of the most loved-hated shoes ever but to me their just a real delight for the feet during the crisp cold days that are to come. This specific pair as well as three other options are still available on TheOutnet, just in case you don’t want your toes to freeze in the winter-time.

 I just got back from my sister’s second bikini competition and again she did wonderful. But you’ll read more about that on her blog (here) soon so I’ll skip that part and wish you a pleasant night and a great start into the new week. Nighty night.
IMG_5573 IMG_5584 IMG_5577 IMG_5552

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