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September 23, 2015

How you’re doing this week? As much energy as there was at the start of this week, as much I have to confide a serious downer in my mood right now. Yesterday I even fell into bed at a very social time,which is a one of a kind event for me to happen. It sure did have it’s benefits since I fell even more productive today because of the great sleep I got. 

Trying to do the same today, I let you enjoy this week’s, a bit shorter than usual, edit. Wish you a five star sleep folks and see you tomorrow for my last summer outfit of the year(maybe 😉 )


Favorite video

Jen Heward aka HunnyBunsFit is not only fun to follow on Snapchat, her YouTube channel is equally interesting to watch. And since I’ve downloaded and deleted this app over and over again, her tutorial was, among the many I watched, definitely outstanding as being the most entertaining and easy to understand. If you plan on using myfitnesspal,then I suggest you watch the above,also because there’s a very yummy recipe waiting.

alllegs stuart weitzmann

Favorite outfit

5inch and up’s hail the legs outfit that has the right amount of chic,casual and edginess topped off with the oh-so gorgeous Alllegs Boots from Stuart Weitzmann. If you loved the Highland,you’ll adore the Alllegs, that are even more flattering on the legs.

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Piece of the moment

The Canada scarf from Acne has been on my winter-wishlist for three years short. It’s minimalistic, therefor matches with literally everything, keeps you warm and has turned into the most classic scarf around I think. Guess that says it all. No further explanation required. Now which color would you settle for?

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  • Reply Corie Bratter September 24, 2015 at 9:13 am

    Oh.. my husband is always joking with me as I could go to sleep at 8.30 pm! But seriously.. if I have nothing to do and there is nothing I want to watch on the telly, why should I stay up? I definitely prefer waking up at 6 am the day after.. Sleeping is so good for your mood and your skin!


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