August 23, 2015

The past week has been pretty much all about details, simply because I noticed that these tiny things ,that we tend to overlook so often,definitely make a difference. Wether it’s during a weight loss journey  (article here) or while completing an outfit,such as with this half look that will be up on Tuesday, we should always keep an eye open on the finer points in life.

Straightaway and without further talking, I let you enjoy my recap of Week34 as I still have so much stuff to finish before going to bed. There’s two gym-bags waiting to be packed, my outfit for tomorrow still needs to be laid out, the photos for tomorrow also have to be edited a bit, my meals are not fully ready yet and, moreover, I feel this urgent need to start a new series. Perfect timing for this last one right? 😉

snapchat moments

Some of my Snapchat moments that were all about food,sneakers and gym-selfies. Apparently the next one will only be slightly different if I look at the saved photos so far haha.

wednesdays finest

Wednesday’s finest next edit went live with some fancy new crushes,among them my #wcw Lydia Elise Millen and the overly perfect Nelly Sharp collection.Some of these items will totally be added to my wardrobe anytime soon, especially because it’s not only day-time friendly but when combined correctly it’s also appropriate for the festive days.

instagram blogger

My weekly Instagram Snaps

favorite of the week

Favorite reads

Because I’m addicted quotes to help you get through the week. Very inspiration and so pretty in gold and white.

Refinery 29’s alternatives to the,seriously, oversaturated, Avocado toast. Even if Avocados are the good type of fat and blabla, I’m having enough of this food being everywhere, wether it’s Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest or the food-place next door.

Theglamandglitter’s outfit for a night out in Ibiza. I adore how the rays of the sun accentuate this beautiful white dress.

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  • Reply Diva In Me August 24, 2015 at 5:18 am

    I’m glad to see you keeping yourself healthy by going to the gym. It’s a good habit. Keep it up gurl!!

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