September 1, 2014
Instagram is down.
That’s for sure making the first page on the app-addict newspaper today and I strongly doubt that I’m the only person that’s been trying to access their account at least twelve times in the past ten minutes.

And I guess that many of you fell back on Twitter,like I did, only to find out that it’s a common issue. Twitter’s counter must be exploding right now, because everyone I know is tweeting like crazy. Let’s just call it #firstworldappaddictsproblem and hope that Twitter’s server won’t break down because of too much traffic 😉


Technical struggles were also included while creating today’s post. The 30day-Lightroom-trial has ended, which brings me back to my (not-so)good old editor. But this won’t be long, because I decided to get the full version of Lightroom in the near future, as the program is easy to handle and it clearly enhances the photo-quality by a million times.


Another issue I came across this evening was my Macbook, who seems to have it’s day off today, because it is slower than a sloth. Opening one tab takes as long as it takes me to shower shower,use a hair-mask, a body-scrub, dry my hair and do a full make-up. I’m exaggerating a bit but that’s just what it feels like. I better go to sleep now or I’ll throw the whole thing out of the window.
Talk to you soon guys :)

bow shirt leather jacket zara IMG_7439 IMG_7620

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