May 11, 2015
white denim valentino lock glam rockstud airmax 1 nike paris citypack

Wow, am I really wearing this? A year ago I never would have thought to ever wear white skinny jeans in my life again. But here we are, 12 months later, 18 pounds lighter, a bit more confident and slowly getting into the shape that I want. With 5 work-outs per week and a balanced nutrition, I finally reached the first of my weight-goals this week, or rather body-fat-percentage goals, since I don’t care much about the scale anyway. And you shouldn’t either.

I  noticed that the huge difference lies within the eating habits, you can work-out all you want, if your food is not on point you will have a hard time fitting into your old jeans again once they’ve become too tight. And that’s what I had to learn the hard way. Even though I was hitting the gym regularly I didn’t see any results, or at least not the results that I expected. During the week I always focused on healthy food like chicken, beef, lots of vegetables and fruits, but once the weekend arrived it was all about pasta,pizza,burgers and sweets, just because I felt like I had to reward myself for being so ”good” the previous five days. It goes without saying that the day after the weekend was frustrating, since I somehow felt that it might not have been a good idea to stuff myself with all this nasty food.

Once I visited my sister’s coach for the first time I perceived two things:  1.One weekend can ruin the efforts of your entire week and 2. I’m not a dog so I shouldn’t reward myself with food. Right now I try to avoid any type of junk food and if I get bored from all the super healthy stuff I just eat a huge plate of spaghetti rather than a burger that doesn’t even satisfy me. So no more weekend-feast for me, also because they usually resulted in heavy bellyaches.

Bottom line: I’m very happy that my efforts allowed me to finally wear these pants again, since they make such a nice match with the beautiful floral-print sneakers from Nike. To stay within the color scheme I added a simple denim shirt and the nude Valentino Rockstud tote that’s currently craving a little sister. Well once my funds allow it 😉

IMG_1161IMG_1152IMG_1196IMG_1169IMG_1134IMG_1157white denim valentino lock glam rockstud airmax 1 nike paris citypack Shop the look here

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