October 25, 2014

The white Michelin sweater, as I like to call it, is ubberly cozy.
Neutrals are the one thing I always come back to when the sky is filled with grey clouds. They make me feel most comfortable, even if it’s simplicity at its best.

During this time of the year I’m very drawn towards black skinny jeans as they make the best addition to all of my much-loved boots. Of course denim pants might also fit, but there’s nothing that beats a black pair with silver zips. Right now it also seems that my crush for mini bags is fading like the leaves on the trees and I find myself choosing the bigger totes more and more again. Maybe this preference is also season-related?Who knows.

I received such a great,positive feedback on yesterday’s article (thanks a lot) that I’m planning to publish a bunch more of these articles to spice things up a bit and promote local businesses. All these go, of course, hand in hand and will be selected according to my own requirements. There’s no point in publishing a dishonest article just for the sake of it,right?

To me there’s nothing more shady than writing about a topic, that you’re not into. Which is also the reason why I decline so many offers. I don’t see a purpose in promoting a product that I haven’t tried on my own and that doesn’t convince me a 100%, only to receive cash conversely.That’s just not what blogging is about for me and I guess many bloggers still need to learn to say NO sometimes.
So I would like to know what’s your strategy on this?

IMG_2713 IMG_2765 IMG_2682 IMG_2715 white quilt sweater notion 1.3 nellyholic white quilt sweater notion 1.3 nellyholic

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